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Receive a check, venmo or paypal deposit for 40%  of the selling price the 2nd week of the month following when the item was sold.


**Please note high end designer pieces will be paid at 50% of the selling price.

Scout your closet for items you haven't worn and gather the gently used mid-market, boutique & designer brands. If you just don't know where to start click over to our Mobile Closet Cleanse page and book one of our packages. We promise it will be worth it!

Use the form below to request a consigning appointment at our Capitol Hill location.

** Consigning Policies and Contract will be provided at appointment.

Clean your closet OR Book a Mobile Closet Cleanse

Consign your Items

The best part...

Get Paid!!!

Request a in-store consign appointment -

We rotate our merchandise - keeping your items for 3-4 months.  You have the choice to pick up your items at the end of that period or donate them.  We will deliver to 1 of the 4 charities we work with and send you the tax receipt in the mail.  No hassle for you!

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