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Hi, I'm Audrey Clark, and my not so secret confession is that......I'm a shopaholic.....

I've always loved clothes, accessories, handbags and Oh my greatest love of all SHOES!!! Since a very young age when my Mum would outfit me as the little lady I was or as I graduated into scouring the fashion magazines to find out what the latest trend was so I could take my part time paycheck and buy it.

I always knew I wanted a career inspired by fashion and events, but it took some time to find my true calling. So I spent the better part of 15 years of working in big brand corporate offices doing everything from marketing, to product development to brand merchandising for clients in the fashion and beauty industry (and some not-so glamorous industries too!). Over the next few years I worked as a sales rep which I loved but missed more one-on-one time with clients.


On a rare occasion, about twice a year, I would do a Wardrobe Detox in my personsal closet and hold a sale called "Confessions of a Shopaholic"( yes like the movie), and each time I did this I sold the majority of the items ( I admit some with tags still on them) to women of all ages, sizes and many different budgets for clothing.  All would ask me where my store was located. As this question came up over and over I started thinking about a way to combine my love of fashion, Wardrobe Detoxing, selling those pieces and giving back to charity. I partnered with a few different people but knew my true vision wasn't going to come to light anytime soon and I needed to make a change. Fast forward to today and we have The Shopaholic's Closet.


I started in a small space in Ballard and I am now in a great shared location on Capitol Hill I showcase pieces that deserve a second home and a chance to make you feel great from the inside out.  I know we all lead fast paced lives so I wanted to add in the option of a Mobile Closet Cleanse - where I come to you, rolling rack and champagne in hand (because sometimes parting with pieces is hard!) and depending on the package you book (you might want to gather friends for the (Take or Toss Package), help you clear your closet of those pieces that you have never worn, just plain don't fit or (gasp) don't do you any favours! When done, you will feel so much better, organized and amazed at how clear your mind is!  And the best part?? I haul out your items and they either come to the boutique where you make money on them or I deliver them to a charity and send you the receipt - all without leaving your home.

Whether you're a size 2 or 22, I passionately believe that all women are capable of looking and feeling beautiful both inside and out. And I am here to help you feel that way.


Want to know more and see what services are offered? 

Have a look around my site and please get in touch if you want to book us for either a in-store appointment or Mobile Closet Cleanse - with or without styling. If you can't find exactly what you're looking for but just know you need help, message me and I'll be happy to discuss tailoring a service to your specific needs.


Best Wishes,


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